The best TV show EVER…bullshit

No, I’m not nominating a TV show as the best in history…I’m drawing a line in the sand with this nonsense of other people telling me what the “best TV show ever” actually is. Put aside for a minute the fact that it’s ludicrous for anyone to think they could possibly make a judgment call on something … Continue reading

NFL jumping the shark?

and I wrote this BEFORE the stupid NFL debacle over the weekend….crazy. I hate to say this, much less actually believe it, but I’m starting to actually think the NFL is on a pair of skis wearing a ridiculous leather jacket and heading for the ramp. Not that my opinion matters, as the League continues … Continue reading

50 Shades of WTF?

  “Dear Penthouse Forum…I never believed these letters, but then one day it happened to me.” That’s the only thing missing from the latest piece of craptastic drivel to capture the female heart. “50 Shades…”, the trilogy, has female readers all a-twitter and hot & bothered. I’m sincerely beginning to doubt the mental stability of … Continue reading

Dad Cure vs. Mom Cure

This is probably why kids learn to go to Mom if they want TLC….bump on the head? Voila, I give you the “Survivor” head wrap ~ now shake it off and go play.