Posted in March 2012

March Adness…

Happens every Spring…I find myself emotionally attached to a school that requires me to visit Google Maps for a geographical primer. Lehigh, Creighton, Butler, Murray St., Loyola, Gonzaga, St. Bonaventure ~ I’ve been pulling this stunt since willing Providence and Villanova to unchartered heights in the mid 1980’s. Some call it front-running, some call it … Continue reading

Love Story…a boy and his winkie

My wife was one of 4 girls growing up…in her adulthood, she’s been “blessed” with a husband and 2 boys, who, by all accounts, are confirmed dirtbags. Quick clarification – “dirtbag” is the kid who has two skinned knees, probably has his shirt on backwards, pees outside whenever it suits him (and when doesn’t it … Continue reading

From the mouths of babes….

Remember when you were a little dude & you started to have some very polarizing feelings about little girls? My 10-yr old is right in the wheelhouse of that mind-set, and it’s really inspiring to watch. Recently, he received an assignment to write a Valentine’s Day “love poem” (in FIFTH grade????) ~ I share with … Continue reading

Lessons from Little League

I love baseball…love its guts and liver. Having boys, I have the opportunity to pass that love of baseball along to my little dudes, and I’ve taken advantage of that opportunity, coaching them for the last 8 years. I suppose the natural thing to do would be to extol the virtues of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment … Continue reading

Monthly DB* rankings

We all know them…we may actually be friends with some of them, we likely have at least one extended family member who’s part of the team. Douchebags. Some are easy to spot, thanks to Ed Hardy and Affliction they have their very own fashion line. None of us are completely immune, there are douchey tendencies … Continue reading