Posted in April 2012

The Fart Sauna…This is What Guys Do

I’m not proud of what I have to share, but I can tell you that 20 years later I still laugh when reminiscing about the debauchery of my bachelorhood. In the early 1990’s I was a young buck in the big city (San Francisco). My roommate, “Chop” [for the sake of his wife, his children, … Continue reading

I Love Cartoons…There, I Said it

The only reason I’m in any way familiar with “The Barber of Seville” is because of Bugs Bunny. I can’t hear the song “Michigan Rag” without thinking of a dancing frog. There’s no shame in that, I’m one of millions who grew up on Warner Bros., Merry Melodies, and Hannah-Barbera. Nope, the embarrassing admission I’m … Continue reading

HEY! YOU! Elevator reminders

One of the many on-line articles I receive is “LinkedIn Today…” short articles, mildly entertaining, semi-informative, and generally a quick read (I mean that in the best way imaginable). One of today’s articles (4/23) is a reminder for some very basic Business Etiquette rules that are often ignored or forgotten. One such reminder deals with … Continue reading

Monthly DB* ratings ~ April!

We all know them…we may actually be friends with some of them, we likely have at least one extended family member who’s part of the team. “Douchebags.” Some are easy to spot, thanks to Ed Hardy, Affliction, and lycra shorts they even have their very own fashion line. Others wear the mark of the “tribe,” … Continue reading

Trayvon Martin…fashion statement?

You ever write a blog & know there’s no way it will sound good? Those are the ones you usually save in draft form, look at it the next day, then realize “there’s no freakin’ way!” Well, I hate saving things in draft form… Trayvon Martin ~ another name that has become a part of … Continue reading