The best TV show EVER…bullshit

No, I’m not nominating a TV show as the best in history…I’m drawing a line in the sand with this nonsense of other people telling me what the “best TV show ever” actually is. Put aside for a minute the fact that it’s ludicrous for anyone to think they could possibly make a judgment call on something as subjective as a TV show, I’m more annoyed by the overuse of the designation anytime someone produces a show that has a podcast. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples of shows that were labeled as “the best ever….”:

1. “Lost” ~ The best part of this show was the first 10 minutes of the first episode, and any other occasion when Evangeline Lilly was wearing a sports bra. I know people who swear by this show, but I couldn’t last more than two episodes. I’m convinced the whole show was a running joke by the creators to see how stupid they could be and still have people watch.

2. “The Shield” ~ Rule #1 should be, “anything starring Michael Chiklis should be eliminated from consideration.” Only the brilliance of Walton Goggins places this show in the upper echelons, not Belushi….er, Chiklis.

3. “Sons of Anarchy” ~ A show I actually watch, but it’s so incredibly over-rated that it’s actually jading me toward the show. Terrible acting (Jax is horrible), ridiculous plot lines, and a potential drinking game when any of the meatheads claims he is “protecting the Club.”

4. “Breaking Bad” ~ Another show I watch, despite the asinine plot lines. I’ve watched all 5 seasons and still struggle  with believing Bryan Cranston in a role that doesn’t include Malcolm and Reese. There’s also something wrong with a show that puts you in the position of supporting meth dealers.

5. ‘The Wire” ~ Yes, there are some powerful story lines in this show…there are also way too many dead spots and cliche stereotypes.

…too subjective, even the fact that I’ve tried to rate shows I didn’t watch is reason enough to poop on my opinion ~ that’s the point; it seems a new show is crowned “best ever” every TV season. The latest is “Homeland” which has already shown it’s ass early in its history. Just wait, they all flame out eventually.

Besides, we know Seinfeld closed the book on greatest TV show ever.


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