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Dad Cure vs. Mom Cure

This is probably why kids learn to go to Mom if they want TLC….bump on the head? Voila, I give you the “Survivor” head wrap ~ now shake it off and go play. Advertisements

Sometimes, it’s Just a Chicken Sandwich

My 11-year old son unwittingly made a political statement today when I took him to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Okay, let me correct myself – we BOTH unwittingly made a political statement today when we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Such drama in world. Enough drama that one might think that manufacturing MORE drama was unnecessary. … Continue reading

7 Hot Chicks Who Aren’t Hot….

You tell a kid that a dog is called a cat long enough, and she’ll believe it’s a cat. In the same vane, when you’re fed garbage by the press for an extended period of time, you’ll acquire a taste for garbage. To whit, consider these famous women who have somehow been anointed as the … Continue reading

Monthly DB* ratings ~ June!

We all know them…we may have actually spawned children with one, and we likely have at least one extended family member who’s part of the team. “Douchebags.” Some are easy to spot, thanks to Ed Hardy, Affliction, and an ever-expanding Under Armour collection, they even have their very own fashion line. Others wear the mark … Continue reading