Master’s Week Celebration – “Bagger Vance” part II

Will Smith may be the biggest star in Hollywood, something I still struggle with…the man has done a ton of movies, some of which I can’t distinguish from one another, and his performances are largely lauded by the viewing public. To those people, I encourage you to watch “Bagger Vance.”

First mistake I made was reading the book & picturing the Bagger character in my rather vivid imagination ~ to me, it’s Danny Glover or Lou Gossett, Jr. (“what you looking’ at MAYOnaisse??!!”). Must have been something about the description of an old, wise sage who imparts life lessons via the conduit of golf. But ol’ Bob Redford (yep, Bob) decides the role is better suited for the Fresh Prince. We go to movies to suspend reality, but we don’t’ need to be subjected to stupidity, do we? Considering the task at hand teaching Damon to golf, maybe he should have cast Hank Haney instead, or perhaps a team of swing doctors, so maybe casting a 20-something year old friendly rapper makes as much sense.

If you’re a black man, you’d have to be insulted by the depiction of the title character being portrayed as a Chicken George-type looper (that’s a caddy folks), and that opinion would not change if you listened to the dialogue, e.g. “I can’t take you there Junuh, no Sir, I just hopes to helps you get there.” Wha???

It’s enough to drive a man to drink…actually, the movie is much more enjoyable if you enjoy several beverages, but it still won’t get you through the ridiculousness of the whole thing. As a bonus, you have D-Day from Animal House cast as Walter Hagen ~ it’s almost like Redford knew at this point that the whole thing was just a mess, so why not bring on D-Day? (The only exception to the rule is the casting of Bobby Jones ~ I don’t know who Joel Gretsch is, but the man’s swing is butter.)

Tomorrow, the cherry on the sundae…what sports movie would be worth it’s weight if it didn’t add a pain-in-the ass girlfriend to the mix? Charlize……why?

"I can't dance in these shoes Mister Junuh"


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