Lamar Odom accused of theft…and other sports beefs

That’s right….theft! By me! Theft of my consumer dollar, robber of my Mavericks soul, purloiner of the privilege of NBA employment. Last night, March 21st, Odom played 29 minutes in the Mavericks contest vs. the hated L.A. Lakers ~ he scored 1 point, snagged 1 rebound, had 1 assist, and 1 blocked shot. This, unfortunately, was not an abberation ~ the Mavericks are defending NBA champs, but they have a life-sucker taking up space on the hardwood to the tune of 29 minutes a night. To juxtapose a familiar phrase, Odom is a subtraction by his addition.

The Saints (how ironic) meet the cruel hand of Karma in the form of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. For a cultural acceptance of “bounties” paid for hurting opposing players, the franchise lost it’s coach for a year, it’s GM for 6 months, 4 draft picks, and also earned a big fat asterisk on their Superbowl victory. Not since SMU received the NCAA “Death Penalty” for a systemic pay-for-play scheme has a sports franchise received such a heavy blow. There is some hypocrisy here, as the NFL is a decidedly violent sport, but intentionally targeting other players for injury crosses the line of decency. Even with the penalties they have received, they got off easy.

So Peyton Manning visits San Francisco, causing 49’er QB Alex Smith to leave in a snit. Tim Tebow is given the boot to the NY Jets when Manning decides to sign with Denver, causing Jet QB Mark Sanchez to react in a huff. John Elway, the former Bronco QB/current team President does everything short of driving Tebow to the airport to make sure his team is “free” from Tebow & his unconventional habit of winning football games. The person most impacted by the sequence of events, Mr. Tebow, handles the entire situation like a professional. The others involved behaved like boobs…say what you will about Tebow, the guy has more class than the average human being. I’d also circle my calendar for any future Jets/Broncos games.

What’s bugging you in the world of sports? Let me know at, or submit a guest blog for inclusion in the April “sports beef” blog.




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